We Are Problem Solvers.

We are a trend, design and information hub, providing commercial design direction and industry advice, specifically for anyone working within the retail fashion market. We provide an easy and practical solution to optimising the product development process from concept to hanger.   

The Problem.

  • Do you get feedback that you aren’t giving buyers the product they want?

  • Do you know exactly what you should be developing right now? 

  • Are you sure of the newest details and key season colours?

  • What's the hot print that everyone will want to buy?

It's harder than ever to know what product development you should be working on for your customers. The retail market is tough; buying and design teams are overly stretched and confidence is at an all-time low for many. Getting the right direction from retailers on what they actually want to buy, has never been more difficult.  We can help.

The Solution.

To succeed in these times, suppliers need to be more pro-active in independently identifying and developing the newest and most commercial product.


Founded by an ex-buyer, HitRate Trend has a strategic and business minded approach to trends and first-hand experience of the technical aspects of product development as well as understanding costings, buying calendars and timescales. We fully recognise the challenges of both the manufacturing and retail side of the industry and support you in navigating them with truly useful and usable information.

We focus on  what trends will sell and how to translate those trends into commercial product that buyers and their customers will want to buy.

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How Do We Do That?

We dig deeper into the trends…and then translate them for you.

We immerse ourselves in all areas of fashion, collecting trend from catwalks, influencers, street style, brands, and celebrity fashion. We analyse, using 20 years of buying and manufacturing experience to identify key trends that will be reflected on the high street over upcoming seasons.


We break these down into key areas of product development –  fabric, colour, print, shape and detail.


We present them in concise Trend Packs filled with guidance and industry knowledge.

With HitRate Trend, you’ll always know what the upcoming trends are and how to interpret them into the best product.


Our Trend Packs will help you optimise the process between you and your retail client to ensure better orders for you and increased sales for them. But don't take our word for it!


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Need More Help?

Our consultancy services can take many forms, depending on the needs of your business, either in person or remotely. From general advice, range assessments, product development meeting and specific project work, we can help focus your business to achieve its goals.  Get in touch to discuss in more detail.


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