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Our industry experience proves that design and product development should be broken down into the fundamental areas. This leads to clearer and more comprehensive direction and ultimately a more sellable product. 


Colour is absolutely crucial in selling a range and can make or break a season. The worst mistake to make is using an outdated palette or last season’s colours. Colour is key in changing the ‘feeling’ and ‘pace’ of a range between seasons. It’s particularly important at the start of spring/summer and autumn/winter periods to create a fresh, new season launch.

It’s also vital to understand the retailing buying calendar and be aware of the lifeline of the product to ensure you are using colours appropriate for the timing.

That is why we provide seasonal colour palettes, including inspiration, Pantone references and inside industry information and tips, to guide you on exactly what colours you should be using in your range and on what product.



Fabric development should always be the starting point of a season.  Even a basic t-shirt can look exciting and new, in the right fabric.


Buyers love fabrics and will always want to be presented with plenty of newness and creativity in this area. Sourcing and developing new commercial fabrics is vital in building a range that people will want to buy.


Our fabric development packs not only showcase the key fabrics of the season, but take it one stage further; we identify new fabrications that need to be developed or sourced and discuss fabric compositions, price implications and the right shapes and colour to display your new development at its full potential.



Nothing grabs a buyers' attention like a great print, and nothing can let down a range like old, tired prints!


Our print direction not only highlights new and emerging print trends that you need in your range but also, gives a fresh take on those long running print trends (hello animal print!) and how you can update them for the coming season. We discuss print techniques and the cost implications on the customer so you can always translate the trends into prints that your customers can actually buy.   

If you have in-house print design, our Direction gives you a guide to the most commercial prints coming through to being working into. If you buy in your prints, it gives you a great shopping list of new prints to source for the season.


Once you have your fabrics, prints and colours pitch perfect for the season, it's vital that you don’t allow your shapes to let you down!

In this section we do more than just show you a stack of catwalk images; we research a wide range of inspiration to make sure that we also catch all those sneaky trends that emerge from social media, street trends and celebrity impact. 


We give information on blocks, proportion and finish as well as providing actual designs from which you can develop further.


Our focus is on demonstrating how to adapt shapes to your customers. All customers want newness, but it needs to be developed in a way that is right for them. Whether your retailers have a young, high fashion customer or a moderate, sophisticated customer,  we will show to how to wow them.



It's all in the details!


Necklines, sleeves, trims, hem details, colour blocking, wash techniques, draping, pleating – whatever the key details of the season, you need to make sure you are hitting these pulse points in your development.

Especially when you are updating styles or developing basic product; it’s the little details each season that moves on a range and provides the extra bit of newness and excitement. 

Our detail direction helps translate the new detail trends to make them appropriate for a range of customers. It’s a really important part of development that gives confidence to your customers that you are up to date with how trends are moving on and how best to develop it for their customers.

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