The Co-ord Trend; and how it can help your business.

We are not talking about the skintight scuba peplum monstrosities of 5 years ago (you know, the ones that were always in nude or cobalt - what were we thinking?). The current co-ords trend can work for a wide spectrum of customers and incorporates a range of trends into a new way of dressing, that supplier and retailers alike should be taking advantage of.

So what do you need to know about this trend? Below we discuss some points to be mindful of and where the opportunities lie.

Above: @whowearwhat | Munthe | Issey Miyake | Akris

Use your development to maximum effect.

So you've already developed or sourced great new fabrics in key colours for the season? Make the most of that hard work and make them up into a co-ords range. Even if your customers have different Buyers for tops and bottoms, it can still be worth it. Ensure you cover a mix of tops, bottoms, jackets & cardigans (depending on your fabrics bases). Here are a few combinations we love:

Above: Tunic and Midi skirt (Rodebjer) | High neck blouse and wide leg trouser (Monse) | Casual Tailoring

Key fabric areas

While many fabric bases work into co-ords, we choose a couple that should be at the top of the list:

Warm/Soft touch fabrics - The level of commercialism of soft and warm handle jersey fabrics is frankly massively under-reflected on the high street. Instagram brands have already jumped onto the potential of these fabrics incorporated into co-ords. This trend blurs the line between leisurewear and daywear.

Above: Uwonderf (Instagram brand) | Hailey Baldwin | Toteme | Zara

Satin - It's a huge trend and the new areas of satin development are wide ranging and exciting (see previous post 'How to update a bestseller'). It makes sense to utilise a super commercial trend fabric into co-ord range, especially when there is so much shape inspiration to work with.

Above: Peter Pilotto | Vanessa Cocchiaro | Joseph | Co

Sweatshirt fabrications - There is an emerging trend of using those comfortable jogger fabrics and elasticated waistbands and re-working into a smarter end use co-ord. Again, this is an opportunity that Instagram brands have already picked up on but that doesn't have a strong showing yet on the high street. Definitely a missed area and big opportunity.

Above: Apiece Apart | Zero Maria Cornejo | The Range | Baum und Pferdgarten | Frankie Shop

Make your range right for your customers.

Depending on your customer base and who you want to appeal to, make sure that you work the co-ord trend into what is appropriate and commercial for them.There is no point in developing a super cool bra and cardigan if your customers would never buy into that level of trend. Buyers will want to see this trend translated into the most sell-able items. The below images highlight how differently this trend has been interpreted by Brands and Designers.

Top row: Baum und Pferdgarten | Off-White |Matthew Adams Dolan | Marissa Webb

Bottom row: Marc Jacobs | Genny | Chanel

How can Co-ords help get more business

Reason 1. As a buyer, there were many times that my head was turned by a great style from another department - especially if they had ready to buy styles for my area. If there was a supplier doing great development that I could buy into, I wanted to. This is a great way to expand on the departments you work with.

Reason 2. There was also many times that I was asked to buy into a top from a supplier I didn't use because they had developed a co-ord set for another department. Even if I didn't go on to use them as a supplier, its still an extra order!

Reason 3. If you see a new customer or sourcing department, covering off a wider range of product areas and showing your capabilities is only going to increase the chances of getting taken on.

So that is our take on the Co-ord trend and why you need to be working into it. We'll cover more specific direction in the new Winter 20 development packs. Let us know what you think.

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