Five Reasons Why

5 reasons why your product isn't getting booked...

1. Your product offering isn't covering the most up to date trends Buyers, regardless of who their customer base is, need their range to feel current and new. If you are not up to date with all the new fabric, colour, print, detail and shape trends, your buyers will find suppliers who are. Buyers hate old!

2. You're not translating the trends correctly for their customers

So you might know what the trends are but buyers needs suppliers that can interpret the trends specifically for their customer, whether that customer is high fashion and trend led or a more moderate customer. The product has to be appropriate for the customer.

3. Your samples aren't looking their best

Proportion and finishing are absolutely key! The majority of buyers will have to sign off their orders with management so to get an order booked, a style has to look like a perfect production sample. Don't let yourself down with a dodgy block or a ropy hem. It's better to make 10 perfect samples than 20 slightly shoddy ones - as we promise you the shoddy ones will never get booked and it's just wasting your and your buyers time!

4. Your samples are not getting into costing

Buyers will always be drawn to the most expensive fabric and they will always want superior garment finishing! Its a tricky area to navigate but as a supplier, its in your best interests to be aware of their cost prices and either cleverly engineer samples to be affordable or at least offer options e.g a substitute fabric or reduced stitch embroidery or new finishing.

5. You haven't sampled exactly what they asked for

There will be many times that you sample perfectly and a style doesn't get booked (They'll be a post about those reasons soon!) but if a buyer has asked for a specific print, fabric or colour and the sample comes in a different print or last seasons colour, its essentially a wasted sample.

We understand the reasons why this can happen; sample fabric not available, or you are worried it'll take too long to get the fabric printed etc. but its better to go back to your buyer and ask if its worth still making or offering an alternative fabric rather than just going ahead and making it incorrectly.

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