Check Mate!

It's a top catwalk trend...

The recent catwalks showed colour pop checks as a massive trend.

Below we will take you through the inspiration so far and also what development you should be getting onto ASAP!


The check looks so far have covered almost all product areas including dresses, blouses, jersey tops and tailoring.

Check looks below from our favourites; Rejina Pyo, Preen Line, Baum und Pferdgarten,

Adeam and Christian Wijhants).


This trend has already been picked up on by an array of tastemakers and influencers on social media. This indicates how commercial this trend is and coupled with the big catwalk presence, suggests a key trend.

Above: @wethepeoplestyle,, @harleyvnewton, @blancamiro

Our Early Prediction.

At HitRate Trend, we identified this trend for our customers in the April Print Development pack and highlighted its growing importance in the June pack....... Just saying ;-)

What To Do With This Information?

It's one thing to know that this trend is important, but unless your development is commercial, relevant and gorgeous, you won't get your customers buying. Below are areas to consider when beginning your development.

Fabric Development.

Fabric and colour development should always be your starting point. Here are some areas you could look into:

1. Cottons - Obviously a great check vehicle for delivering this trend but add interest to your development by working into textured cottons - seersucker, Swiss dots, sheer cottons. Try brushed cottons for AW check shirts.

2. Tailoring Fabrics - you have endless options available but definitely look at lightweight Tweed options as we can see this fabric coming through strongly.

3. Jersey Jacquard - If you can develop colour pop checks onto jersey jacquard, this will look amazing and really new and exciting (why are all existing jersey jacquard's boring black and grey check designs??)

4. Crinkle - A wide range of crinkle fabrics we're on the catwalks. Crinkle colour pop checks would be gorgeous!

Above: Organza from Rebecca Taylor. Satin from Brandon Maxwell. Crinkle from Nina Ricci. Tweed from Adeam. Broiderie cotton from Blumarine. Jersey jacquard from Roland Mouret.


It goes without saying that this trend is all about the colour combinations. You will have plenty of available check layouts that will work well but you need to experiment with recolours until you get some fab new versions. TIP: You can send artworks to buyers and see if you can get a nod of approval before putting sampling into work.

NEVER COPY A DESIGNERS OR BRAND'S CHECK Good designers can be influenced by general trends but do not need to copy anyone's work.

Printing Checks.

Some buyers hate printed checks but many retailers do sell them and they can be cost effective way to deliver a trend on basic fabrics such as cotton elastane or spun viscose. However, try printing onto the big trend fabrics as well to add newness and excitement to your range:

Satin - Experiment with printing checks onto the big fabric from the new catwalks

Organza - Another huge trend fabric. Printing checks on this base would provide an interesting sheer look.

Shape - Once you have your beautiful new fabrics developed, sourced, coloured or printed, make sure your shapes and samples don't let you down. There a wealth of new shape direction out there and on the blog we will identify some key items and, of course, will have bigger development packs in the shop. However, here are a couple of general tips:

  • Make sure your fabric is appropriate for the shape!! This is vital.

  • Follow the newest shape trends but make sure they are wearable for your customer.

  • Finish your garments well - don't let samples with puckered hems or uneven binding go to Buyers!

  • Ensure your blocks and proportions are spot on. Samples need to look like production.

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