Is It All A Blur?

A key trend that's been gaining importance...

A beautiful print trend that has been gaining in importance over the past 6 months is all over the new catwalks: blurred prints. We picked this print trend out as its so diverse and can be applied to lots of different 'types' of print to make them feel newer (even animal!) .

From the images below, you can see how the effect has been applied to floral's, animal, spots, large scale and small scale prints and even as a background to give a stained glass effect.

Above: Caroline Herrera, Sandy Laing, Baja East, Kim Shui, Naeem Khan, Phillip Lim 3.1

We predicted this trend back in the April print development pack (although it was just emerging so we called it 'watery' prints!) and then saw its continuing build and gave it more prominence in the June pack although we then called it 'watery and painterly' and painterly has become a slightly different print trend in its own right. Whatever you want to call it; blurry, watery, smudgy.... it's definitely a print trend you need to be developing into if you haven't already!

Colouration of this print trend is going to be specific to the time frame/season your customers are buying into and also to the customer base itself and the amount of 'fashion' they want.

Trans/Spring colouration - Keep away from very dark/AW colours. Colours need to be spring facing but easy to wear when the weather is not actually warm! view colour palettes for more help.

Summer colouration - This is where you can work into your true high summer pastels and bright colour pops.

Trans/Winter colouration - A/W colour doesn't need to be dull and dark but be mindful of staying away from colouration's that look very spring summer/holiday. You can add in the juicy, more saturated colour such as rust, bright orange and darker dusty blues. view colour palettes for more help.

Examples of colouration's by season above. Trans | Spring/High Summer/ Winter

Remember to NEVER copy a designer's or a brand's print. Use the overall trend as a inspiration point.

A good Designer will never copy and a good buyer will never ask you to!

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