10 Tips to Impress Your Buyers | Tip 6

A series of 10 tips to keep your buyers good side...

The buyer/supplier relationship can be an amazing one, but it can sometimes be hard to build and maintain those relationships. Follow these key tips and see the difference

Tip 6. Don’t stop teaching us

15 years in and I was still learning every day about fabrics, prints, ethical issues, production plans, fabric and yarn prices, technical, testing and fitting points, sustainably fabrics, costings, lay plans, transport logistics….

You name it, there is always something still to learn.

Buyers are not at the production end of the industry and we don’t get to see some of these elements ‘in action’ and sometimes can be woefully ignorant.

Share information and talk to us. Educate us. I don’t know of any good buyer that doesn’t want to be as knowledgeable as possible. It helps buyers make informed choices.

Stay tuned for Number 7...

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