10 Tips to Impress Your Buyers | Tip 4

A series of 10 tips to keep your buyers good side...

he buyer/supplier relationship can be an amazing one, but it can sometimes be hard to build and maintain those relationships. Follow these key tips and see the difference

Tip 4. Work into the right timing

This one is a no brainer. Yes – it can be hard sometimes to even get a buyer on the phone to ask questions but depending on your lead time, you can work out roughly the timing and season they are working on.

Timing is so important in retail due to the (in my opinion) very outdated buying calendars. Most high street retailers will want their transitional autumn product in from end June/July and stop their winter intake in November. Spring transitional starts from December with last summer product coming in around May latest.

Every retailer will be a bit different and some are finally starting to move away from this traditional calendar but if you are stuck on timing, it’s a good rule of thumb.

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