10 Tips to Impress Your Buyers | Tip 3

A series of 10 tips to keep your buyers good side...

The buyer/supplier relationship can be an amazing one, but it can sometimes be hard to build and maintain those relationships. Follow these key tips and see the difference

Tip 3. Be Firm With Us

  • Are we asking for something that’s not possible?

  • That a fabric is never going to fit into our costings?

  • Do you feel you’ve made too many samples without orders or feedback?

  • Do you think a delivery delay is actually our fault, not yours?

  • Have we added 5 inches to the length of a garment but not accepting a price increase?

  • Do we demand an impossible lead time?

Speak up. Be firm.

I know its hard. After working with suppliers for many years, I know that most want to do whatever they can to help and always want to please but don’t say yes to the impossible or the unfair. It will only lead to more problems. The relationship must be mutually beneficial to all, and buyers must take responsibility for giving feedback and be reasonably with their requests – but to do that you have to tell them ‘no’ and explain why.

Stay tuned for Number 4...

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